I have a rare and unusual neurological condition that affects my hands and feet. It’s called Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) syndrome. The nerves that control the big toe don’t work and it means that I have very poor balance – keep falling over! It’s a progressive condition and gets worse as I get older. For years and years neurologists told me there is nothing that can be done. But I met up with Matthew Cichero who had other ideas. He knew all about CMT and had treated people with the condition before. Matthew took plaster casts of my feet and ordered from America a pair of special Ritchie braces which give me the support I need, especially when walking on rough ground. Matthew handles things very well and gave me lots of good advice about my walking. He is a lovely person to meet with and consultations are always a pleasurable experience. I can recommend him very highly.
— Prof. Stephen W, Corsham, Wiltshire
I suffered from arthritis in my big toe joint for years, which caused me pain on a daily basis. It affected my daily life and the shoes I could wear. I love pretty shoes and had to buy one with as flat a footbed as possible. By the end of the evening on holiday my foot would be so swollen and I had to take off my shoes.

This continued for years when I’d finally had enough in 2016. After seeing a podiatrist I was refered to Mr. Cichero on the NHS.

Following 2 injection of steroids over 6 months Mr. Cichero informed me that he could solve my arthritis pain/problem with an operation that would see me out of everyday pain and back in pretty shoes within months.

But unfortunately the operation wasn’t available on the NHS. So after months of saving in October 2017 Mr. Cichero preformed the operation where he shaved off a piece of extra bone that had also grown, he cleaned out the actual joint and put in an implant as I had lost the cartridge in the joint.

I found Mr. Cichero a very charming and kind professional, along with Kelli Cichero, Mr. Cichero’s medical secretary who was always at the end of her mobile phone whenever I needed advice and help.

I was in a lot of pain the following day, so I called Kelli. Kelli arranged through Mr. Cichero to get a prescription to my doctors, and within hours of my call my husband was picking up the prescription. Mr. Cichero informed me that the pain would subside within days, which it did.

I am now out of pain in my foot and my knee - which was being caused by the way I had started walking due to the arthritis. It was well worth on cost and I would do it again should I need it.

I can’t speak too highly of Mr. and Mrs. Cichero and would recommended them to anybody who had any issues with their feet and would benefit from the help Mr. Cichero could offer.
— Simone B
I would not hesitate to recommend Matthew Cichero. As soon as I met him, I knew he was the right man for the job. He explained exactly what my problem was with my feet and within a few weeks he operated on my feet at the Ridgeway hospital. The underlying pain has totally gone and I am on the road to recovery. His anaesthetist and his excellent team were just wonderful and his choice of music in the operating theatre wasn’t bad either! He is top of his field and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.
— William B
Just wondered if you would be good enough to let Mr. Cichero know that I am finally running again – my first 5k in about 5 years. The orthotics have definitely been a godsend!
— Sarah N
Just a note to thank you for all your help dealing with my foot surgery which has gone extremely well, I am really benefitting from it.

Thank Mr. Cichero for both my operations and his care and kindness. I am so pleased to be able to walk without pain and the outcome of my new feet are amazing. I cannot wait to show them off without embarrassment at the beach or by the pool.
— Jackie M
Mr. Cichero took the time to understand my symptoms and carried out a comprehensive assessment. He was very knowledgable about my condition (Charcot Marie Tooth disease) and the complications that can arise from it. The bespoke orthotics he provided have significantly improved my pain symptoms and I feel very confident about Mr. Cichero’s skills in managing future foot and ankle problems arising from my condition. I was seen quickly in clinic at a time that was convenient to me and the whole experience, from referral to follow-up, was very positive. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Cichero’s services.
— Dr. Frances C
Please accept my very grateful thanks for the excellent work you have done. I can now walk two miles without pain, and look forward to increased activity in the near future.
— Keith T