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Matthew Cichero

Consultant Podiatric Surgeon & Specialist in Biomechanics
FCPodS FACPS MPod BAppSci(Pod) 

Matthew Cichero graduated as a podiatrist in 1996 in Australia, and was awarded the Peer Professional Clinical prize. In 2007 he completed his Masters degree in podiatry specialising in podiatric surgery, and completed his Australian podiatric surgical fellowship in 2011. Mr. Cichero became the first Australian podiatric surgeon to be awarded dual Fellowship when he was qualified with the Faculty of Podiatric Surgery (UK) in 2013.

He moved to Swindon in 2010 and works as a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon at the Great Western Hospital. Previously he has worked establishing clinical services in Singapore and remote indigenous populations in the Northern Territory of Australia. He has also held lecturing positions at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.

Mr. Cichero has performed over 3000 foot and ankle procedures. The majority of this surgery is performed on a day-care basis under either local or general anaesthetic. His many years working in biomechanics, orthotics and injection therapy gives him a unique insight into the conservative management of many lower limb injuries which can be treated successfully without surgery.

He uses evidence-based management and treatment for common foot and ankle pathologies such as heel and arch pain. Mr. Cichero is actively involved in sports such as triathlons, giving him an insight into many sports injury management pathways and the needs of an athlete. Mr. Cichero has presented both at national and international conferences and authored a number of peer reviewed international articles.


Kelli Cichero

Practice Manager

Kelli manages South West Foot Surgery and holds a Bachelor of Nursing together with a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Promotion in Public Health.

Kelli has extensive experience in both clinical nursing and administrative support services coupled with hospital and nurse education roles in Australia and Singapore. She has also worked in business development with a variety of pharmaceutical companies in Australia, Singapore and in the United Kingdom. This diversity of roles within the healthcare sector has provided her with a broad range of skills and understanding of both business and patient needs.



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